Fitch Says He Will Be Back


Bill Fitch, who has coached the Clippers to their best record since Larry Brown led them to a 41-41 mark in 1992-93, says he intends to return next season.

Although there is speculation Brown will leave the Indiana Pacers to return here, Fitch says he intends to honor the final year of his contract.

“I don’t think there’s anything to it in terms of [Brown] taking my job,” Fitch said. “The only way he’s going to take my job is if I decide I don’t want my job.”



If the Clippers make the playoffs, they figure to have a losing record.

Fitch says that’s irrelevant.

“Nobody’s going to say anything about Phoenix being in there with a below-.500 record,” Fitch said. “The one thing about basketball is that you play those 82 games because sometimes you don’t have all your people in place.”