Getting a handle on baking is a little easier these days, thanks to Oxo International, a division of General Housewares Corp. Its line of baking utensils, Oxo Good Grips, features soft nonslip rubber handles. The handle of the 11-inch balloon whisk is curved to fit the palm of the hand, making the task more comfortable. And there’s no problem working with hot mixtures; unlike traditional metal whisk handles, this one doesn’t conduct heat.

Balloon whisk $7.99, at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores and department and specialty stores. For more information: (800) 545-4411.

Beware the Bits

There’s no earthly excuse for Bits-Scotti. They’re just empty calories--little crunchy cubes of biscotti dipped in dark or white chocolate that you find yourself eating and eating and eating.


Cherubino Bits-Scotti at Grand Central Coffee, Bristol Farms and Nordstrom store espresso bars.

Heaven’s Plate

We love this large blue wooden tray from Indonesia. It’s covered with greenish-yellow dots, like a child’s vision of the night sky without the tiresome complication of comets or constellations.

Foreside’s Indonesian tray, $85 at Floriculturalist, La Canada-Flintridge, and Mermaids, La Jolla.