LAPD Spokesman Denies Calling Officer ‘Babe,’ Admits Using Word Occasionally


The Los Angeles Police Department’s chief spokesman--accused of referring to a female officer as “babe”--testified Friday that he does not recall ever making the comment to the officer but acknowledged he has used the word “on occasion.”

Cmdr. Tim McBride is appealing a five-day suspension for allegedly making an improper remark to Officer Mary Elizabeth Hatter in August 1995. A three-member panel hearing his appeal is expected to rule on the matter Monday.

Hatter, who is suing the LAPD for sexual harassment because of the McBride incident and a number of other discriminatory acts she allegedly suffered at the department, has charged that McBride said “Hi, babe” when he greeted her.


McBride said that even if he made the remark, he did not mean to demean Hatter or make her feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, he said he did not believe such a comment is necessarily inappropriate.

However, Assistant Chief Bayan Lewis said the comment is inappropriate “on its face” and should not be used by any officer, particularly a high-ranking one. The only exception, he said would be if the comment was made between a couple that were married or had a close social relationship.