Her Fac Is Her Small Fortune

I’m a businesswoman, but some years ago, back in the summer of ’92, during the Democratic Convention, people started telling me: You look like Hillary Clinton.

I got some head shots done, started to distribute them to various agencies that do look-alikes, and the phone started to ring. It’s a part-time job for me, but it has become rather lucrative.

I do the “Tonight Show” a lot. I’ve been on that show now about 10 times. If something is going on with Bill and Hillary, they will call and say, “Can you come up now?” I’ll drop everything, run up there, we do a little skit and it’s on TV that night.

In May, when the Clintons were in Europe, a company hired me to go to Amsterdam, to tie in with the Clintons’ coming. It was a week of bodyguards, limos, paparazzi and police escorts.


I think Hillary is pretty easy to do. She doesn’t really do anything that quirky. I have a slight Southern accent, and a lot of people have told me that I sound like her. Beyond that, I just put on a business suit, act calm and smooth, which I sort of am anyway, and wear my hair in that one-length pageboy with the side bangs that she used to wear.

Every job is different. Sometimes I just come in, smile and wave. Sometimes I read a speech that has been written for me and tell some jokes.

My full-time job is at a publishing service that contracts with publications to reprint their articles. But I supplement my income by thousands and thousands of dollars each year by impersonating Hillary Clinton.