Pacific Musicians Get 3-Year Union Contract

The Pacific Symphony and the Orange County Musicians’ Assn. Local No. 7 of the American Federation of Musicians have signed a new three-year contract for the musicians in the Santa Ana-based orchestra. Over a three-year period, which began Sept. 1, the musicians will receive a 12% increase in wages and a 3% increase in pension benefits.

In 1996-97, the base pay for an orchestra musician (not including principal players or assistant principals) was $118 per performance and $89 per rehearsal. This will increase 3% in 1997-98, 4% in 1998-99 and 5% in 1999-2000.

The current pension benefit rate will increase from 5% to 6% in the 1998-99 season and to 8% in 1999-2000.

The previous three-year contract, which expired in August, gave the musicians a 14.7% increase in wages in increments of 4% for the 1994-95 season and 5% each for the 1995-97 seasons.