The fall fashion previews have come and gone. It's "Back to School" everywhere you turn. And before you know it, daylight saving time will be switched off.

It's seven days and counting until the summer of '97 is officially bye-bye. But don't despair. We have a few suggestions on how you can still salvage some of your summer.

* Have a torrid fling. If Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein can do it, so can you.

* Buy something--anything--tiki. Besides, it's all on sale now.

* Go the full monty, poolside. Nah, bad idea. Go the half monty in a thong.

* Rent a muscle car for the day (beep! beep!) and cruise. Don't forget to sign up for unlimited mileage.

* If all else fails, log onto on the Internet ( where the surf, sun and beach come to you. The home page with a beach blanket bingo appeal is interactive with bikinigrams (sexy electronic postcards), a surf shop and a beach chat room.

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