Heavyweight Debate

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest ex-quarterback of them all?

The debate rages between Rick “Great” Scott and Jim “Agent XXL” Bonds.

Scott, the Buena High football coach who coached Bonds at Hart, contends his protege has surpassed him on the scale.

“He outweighs me now,” Scott said.


Fat chance, says Bonds, first-year coach at Alemany.

“No way,” he responded. “I know he’s got me beat.”

Bonds acknowledges that Scott correctly predicted his weight gain. Bonds says he weighs “in the 250 range,” about 40 pounds more than when he played quarterback at UCLA.

“In high school [Scott] used say, ‘Ten years from now, you’re going to look exactly like I do,’ ” Bonds said. “I have to say he was right.

“We have the same body type and I think we both like to eat a little bit.”

Scott, who played at Cal Lutheran, concurs.

“We’re two old quarterbacks who belong at guard,” he said.