Right on Cue

Even though it’s a centuries-old game, pool has never lost its cool. Today, in fact, it occupies a popular niche in the night-life ecosystem--a pleasant alternative to an evening on a crowded dance floor or another night at the movies. Calendar Live! visits some of the hot spots for an evening of pool, teaches you the rules of 8-ball, shows you how to play the popular game 9-ball, and even shares some winning secrets. So rack ‘em up!

Get Fired Up

Wondering where to see fireworks this weekend? Calendar Live! presents a complete directory of fireworks displays in the Southern California area.

Bay Watch


If you’re not summering in the South Bay then you’re missing the action. From trendy Manhattan Beach to bohemian Hermosa Beach to arty Redondo Beach, Calendar Live! tells you where things are cool when the heat is on.

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