Lake Aeration System Is Nearly Completed

The installation of an aeration system at Lake Lindero is running behind schedule after residents expressed concern over the placement of the system’s compressors.

The system was originally due to be running by mid-June, but now won’t be finished until mid-July, said Greg Feet, general manager of the Lindero Country Club.

The aeration system, paid for by the Lake Lindero Homeowners Assn., is being installed to help fish survive in the 14-acre lake.

Installation was delayed after a group of 15 homeowners petitioned the Agoura Hills City Council to halt construction until they could further study the layout of the system.


“Residents were concerned that the homeowners association didn’t put any thought into where to place the systems’ components,” Feet said. “We couldn’t go ahead with the project until everyone was satisfied that the compressors would be soundproof and protected from vandals.”

After city planning regulations that govern the size of the compressors and their distance from the lake were met, construction plans were approved both by the council and by residents, Feet said.

Hundreds of fish died in the lake over the last two summers because blooms of algae formed, depleting the water of oxygen. The system will automatically activate when oxygen levels in the lake drop below two parts per million.

Feet said optimal levels are around eight or nine parts per million.


Once the system is in place, microbes will be added to the water to eat organic sludge that has settled at the bottom of the lake. Feet said the microbes also thrive when there is plenty of oxygen in the water.