Name Game

Borders Books, Music & Cafe, Santa Barbara

What's the name of your store? I think it's just Borders.

Is that the full name? I don't know.

Can you look on a bag? Well, outside I think it says cafe, too, but I'll check. Hold on. (New voice) Hi, what can I help you with?

I'm trying to confirm the name of this store. OK, hold on. (New

voice) Hi, this is the manager. We're trying to find this out for you, sorry. Can you hold on?

Do you have the store's name written down somewhere? Well, the company name is Borders Inc.

Right, but that's not the name of the store, is it? No, no. Hold on, the personnel manager is checking. (On hold.) OK, we found it. It's Borders Books, then comma, Music, one of those and symbols, then Cafe.


Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena

What's the name of your store? Vroman's Bookstore.

Is that the full name? Yes, it's Vroman's Bookstore.

Are you sure? Yes.

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