Memory’s Aromas

The cover story “The Easy Baker” (June 24) was wonderful and brought back many memories. I, too, at age 8 (in the ‘40s) had a child’s electric stove with chrome legs. The oven and burners had electric coils. During summer, the neighbor kids in West Hollywood would gather in our backyard as I fried potatoes in my kiddie-sized skillet--they were dazzled. I can still smell them today.

My three sons loved to help and watch me in the kitchen. They, too, loved coming home to the aroma of cookies or bread. These memories are still with them today.

Once I made two long loaves of sourdough bread and set them aside to rise. When I checked on them, someone had pinched off a piece to taste it. Well, needless to say, the loaf started to deflate. I gathered together both loaves and made it into one large loaf with the threat not to touch or else. They were served hot baked bread and pot roast that night. Not a crumb was left.

Thanks for the memories.