School District to Hold Forum to Discuss Needs

The Torrance Unified School District, which has failed to win approval of an $80.5-million school bond measure three times in the last year, will hold a community forum to discuss the maintenance problems that exist at the district's 31 schools.

District officials plan to review where the maintenance money has been spent over the last decade and the repairs needed at each facility. They also plan to address the concerns of residents.

Additionally, district officials will discuss plans for the school bond measure. The district has not decided when it will put another school bond measure on the ballot, but officials said another attempt will undoubtedly be made at some point.

"The need for a school bond measure has not gone away," said Kevin Condon, chief business officer. "It's our only alternative to getting these repairs made."

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Torrance High School Library at 2200 Carson St.

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