Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What did the mama melon say when her daughter wanted to get married? "You can't elope." (Hayley Hirsch, 5, Pacific Palisades, Marquez Charter Elementary)

* What kind of fish can't swim? Dead fish. (Trung Tran, 10, Garden Grove, Excelsior School)

* Why did the man put a shoe into the soup? To give it a little kick. (Rebecca Elbaum, 7, Calabasas, Heschel West Day School)

* What's the most famous wood in the world? Hollywood. (Wyatt Mills, 7, Malibu, home school)

* What do baseball vampires turn into? Baseball bats. (Rick Tobias, 11, Ridgecrest, Las Flores School)

* Why are some teachers cross-eyed? They can't control their pupils. (Kristina Oedman, 6, Marina del Rey, First Lutheran School)


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