Brew Master Class

Beer school? No, don't pinch yourself. You're not dreaming. Make that thick, rich lager you've always craved. Calendar Live! features three do-it-yourself breweries that let you brew, bottle and label your own beer.

Smoke Signals

While the no-smoking law has banished most smokers to sidewalks and outdoor patios, Calendar Live! spotlights local cigar bars that allow stogie lovers to puff away in peace.

Word of Mouth

Sure, they're poems, but they're not the ones that induced REM sleep during your high school English class. These poetic performances are guaranteed to shock and amuse you. As an alternative to traditional poetry readings, spoken word events are gaining popularity for their theatrical and interactive performances. Calendar Live! highlights the best events and lets you listen to some of the more talented young bards around. Learn why spoken word proves to be an entertaining alternative to your typical night out.

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