Boxing Program for Youths Seeks Volunteer Trainers

In a bid to keep teenagers off the streets and out of gangs, Los Angeles City Housing Authority community resource officers announced that they are seeking volunteer trainers to give boxing lessons at the Dana Strand housing project in Wilmington.

"The kids asked for it," said Officer Ronald Lee. "Hopefully, it will give them something to do rather than being mischievous on the street."

Officers said they wanted to extend the program beyond the boxing ring. "Once we get the kids involved, we'd like to monitor their grades and make sure they're not part of any gangs," Lee said.

The program, which is scheduled to begin in early July, would involve participants ages 12-21. If all goes well, said Lee, he and his partner, Victor Bonner, plan to implement the program in housing developments throughout the city.

Information: (800) 221-3329 or (310)-521-0670.

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