Summer Arrives With High-Pressure System

Sunny skies and more traditional summer-like weather is expected in the Valley through Friday, forecasters said.

"A high-pressure system over Southern California is shutting off the rain and low clouds, so it's safe to say that summer is finally here," said Kevin House, a meteorologist with WeatherData Inc., which provides forecast information to The Times.

"The weather pattern is kind of weird this year in that Southern California went from the rainy season straight into summer, without getting anything in between," House said.

Today's highs are expected to be 90 in Woodland Hills, with slightly cooler temperatures in Chatsworth, Van Nuys and Burbank, House said.

Morning lows through Friday are expected to range from the low to mid-60s, he said.

The ultraviolet index for today and Tuesday at noon, when the sun's rays are most direct, is expected to be 11, a reading House said is "a very high level."

"I'd definitely recommend sunscreen for everybody," House said. A person with a fair complexion could suffer sunburn in less than five minutes without protection.

Highs are expected to range from the mid- to upper 80s throughout the Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Slightly cooler temperatures, ranging from the low to mid-80s, are expected Thursday and Friday.

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