Man Held in Molestation; Police Seek Other Victims

Police announced they are seeking assistance from the public in locating victims of molestation by a man posing as a doctor.

Detectives arrested Wesley Lemar Spears, 32, of Redondo Beach, Wednesday and accused him of the March molestation of a 17-year-old boy.

According to a statement released by police, the suspect would “approach male Hispanic juveniles, aged 14 to 17, on the street and lure them into his vehicle,” a black 1994 Jeep Wrangler convertible, claiming he was a doctor or chiropractor and offering them a job at his clinic.

“He was always well-dressed, pleasant, good looking and soft spoken,” said Lt. James McInerny of the Hawthorne Police Department. “He would start by asking for directions to a well-known street, and then go into the employment opportunity.”


Once he had gotten the victim into his car, Spears would pretend to give victims a physical and molest them, police said.

Spears was arrested in December 1995 by Los Angeles County deputies for an incident in the city of Lawndale. The two crimes “were a mirror image,” McInerny said.

Spears was being held at Hawthorne police station on $50,000 bail.