Go For the Crunch

This is a crunch-mad country, and an Australian chip maker has another crunchy snack for us: soy chips. Yes, they have the health benefits of soy beans and 30% less fat than potato chips, but the important thing is that they crunch as loudly as corn chips. Soya King Soy Chips come in familiar chip flavors--taco, sour cream-onion, barbecue (well, they call it Mongolian barbecue) and the slightly blander Original.

Soya King Soy Chips, $1.99 to $2.49 for a 6-ounce bag, at Wole Foods Markets, Wild Oats and other health food markets.

A Glass of Tea

When you sip mint tea in the Casbah, it's from Moorish glasses like these, which combine a severe geometrical shape with fanciful floral patterns.

Moroccan glasses, $49.95 for set of 12, Sur La Table, Pasadena, or call (800) 243-0852.

Smashing Olives

Just what this olive-aware age needs: the perfect olive bowl and the ideal plates for serving a taste of extra-virgin oil. Not only do they have a rustic olive pattern, they're dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Les Olives cocktail plates $40 for set of 4, and ceramic box, $48, from Zero Minus Plus, Santa Monica, and Fred Segal, West Hollywood.

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