Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What did the male chili pepper say to the female chili pepper? "You're a spice girl!" (Torie Solomon, 8, Los Angeles, Stephen S. Wise School)

* What do you call a vegetable that falls into soapy water? A vegebubble. (Nicole Masnada, 9, Solvang, Solvang School)

* In what state did the girl buy her basketball uniform? In New Jersey. (Dana Kaye Levin, 8, Santa Monica, Roosevelt Elementary)

* Why is a baseball game like a pancake? Because its success depends on the batter. (Jenna Weiss, 8, Santa Monica, Newbridge School)

* Why are basketball players so disgusting? They like to dribble. (David Buchanan, 8, Moorpark, Campus Canyon School)

* Why did El Nino head for California? To find La Nina. (Mandip Kaur, 9, Los Angeles, Commonwealth Avenue School)


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