Royce Hall to Reopen 4 Years After Earthquake


UCLA’s Royce Hall will be reopened Saturday, four years after sustaining $68 million in damage during the Northridge earthquake.

The hall is the main venue for the UCLA Center for Performing Arts and contains a 1,841-seat auditorium, classrooms and offices.

Built in 1929 as one of the university’s four original buildings, Royce Hall is modeled after a 12th-century Italian church, said Linda Steiner, the school’s assistant director of public information.


More than 25 million pounds of concrete and 1.8 million pounds of steel were used in the seismic repairs, she said.

The concrete used to reinforce the auditorium altered sound reverberation time. Acoustical coves were built along the edges of the gilt-coffered ceiling and sound-dampening barriers were installed in the gallery, she said.

In the West Lobby, 10 doors were added that open onto an adjoining terrace. Academic areas were remodeled in accordance with the original 1929 design.