No Question, Readers Make the Best Owners

Regarding Bill Plaschke’s “Heaven Knows, Dodgers Could Use the Assistance,” [Nov. 6] commentary:

Yes, let’s trade Eric Young right now. The sparkplug of the offense, the guy with an incredible on-base percentage, diligent work ethic, speed, and a glove. In his place we could have put . . . Wilton Guerrero!?!? Why not just trade for Jose Offerman? How many running and throwing errors is it going to take for you to realize that Corky is a liability?

Mo Vaughn will go to a team that shows him the money and respect that he deserves. Forget the stats, his presence in the clubhouse would give them the leader they’ve never had. Show me the player who won’t give Mo 110% from spring training to the World Series, if only to avoid that glare.

If Murdoch can buy a soccer team for $1 billion, he can sign Brown and Vaughn, then let Davey Johnson take care of the rest.



North Hollywood


I am sick and tired of hearing rumors about the Angels considering trades for Jim Edmonds. Jim Edmonds is a classic example of the way baseball should be played. A Jim Edmonds appearance at the plate is quintessential baseball. He is usually covered with dirt from base-running hustle, limping after his latest game-saving crash into an outfield wall, and always, always wearing a giant lopsided grin, because he so obviously loves playing the game.


Long Beach


The attitude of The Times’ sports staff seems to be that owners, especially our local teams, should spend anything it takes to get astronomically priced players. Easy to say when you are proposing to spend someone else’s money. If we were to rely on the checkbooks of your staff, you probably would not finance a Little League team in Alhambra.



Rancho Palos Verdes