‘Apt. 3-G’ Update for Nov. 22-28

Until the current story line concludes in mid-December for the discontinued comic strip “Apt. 3-G,” The Times will provide a weekly update each Monday. For the week of Nov. 22-28:

Thinking he has lined up an audition, Blaze prepares a monologue from “King Lear.” But when he gets to his appointment at the Progressive Artists Agency, he realizes it’s an agency for screenwriters.

His prospective boss, Joe Kaplan, greets him by saying, “I’m told you’re bright. You’d better be. I represent the best screenwriters in the business. I expect nothing less from an assistant.”

He asks Blaze if he’s ready to start right away, and Blaze replies, “I . . . ah . . . well . . . uhm . . . sure.”


“The first thing I need you to do,” Kaplan tells him, “is to get me the perfect cup of coffee. . . .”

“I don’t know whether to kiss Margo or wring her neck,” Blaze says later. “She roped me into a real job!”

When Margo learns that Blaze has been hired, she is ecstatic.

She later finds Blaze reading and asks if he is auditioning for a play. “Nope,” he answers. “My boss wants me to read George Miller’s new play and give him my opinion in the morning.”


The next time Blaze, Tommie and Lu Ann are alone, Tommie notes that every time she sees Blaze lately, “he’s got his nose in a notebook.”

“And he’s writing like crazy,” Lu Ann adds.

“I wonder why?” asks Margo.

Later in the week, Margo asks Tommie if she knows what day it is.

“Blaze’s payday!”

“Before long,” Margo says, “Blaze will have his own place, and we’ll have our apartment back!”