She'd Better Not Play Dow Jones

Associated Press

Monica Seles hopes her run at the U.S. Open goes better than her brief stint at the stock market.

Seles, a two-time Open champion, rang the opening bell and swatted tennis balls onto the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. After an encouraging start, the market nose-dived and finished the day down 512.61 points.

"When I left, it was up 43 points," Seles said. "The chairman was so nice. He said come back, win or lose. I'm not so sure he wants me back after this."

On the tennis court, Seles' day finished on an up note. She beat Florencia Labat of Argentina, 7-6 (7-0), 6-2, to reach the second round of the season's final Grand Slam tournament.

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