Hilda Stark, painter, production designer:

"Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer (Anchor Books).

"Unfortunately, I read so much about this book before I even picked it up that I knew too much. The suspense was ruined. I also got the feeling that the author wrote the book to make himself feel better. That said, I read the book in one sitting."


Patrick Butler, security guard:

"The Dog's Mind" by Bruce Fogle (Simon & Schuster).

"I think we sometimes take our dogs for granted. I have two and am learning a lot about their behavior from Fogle. I'm particularly amazed by their memories: Dogs forget nothing. Keep that in mind the next time you pull out the flea powder or take them to the vet."


Sylvia Swilley, medical doctor:

"Walking with the Wind" by John Lewis (Simon & Schuster).

"This personal account of what moved the foot soldiers of the civil rights movement gave me a deep insight into their motivations. These are the many unsung heroes to whom we're indebted today."


Robin Feiger, hotel sales manager:

"As the Crow Flies," by Jeffrey Archer (HarperCollins).

"This is a sweet, endearing story, one of my more memorable reading experiences. The everyday rags-to-riches tale that Archer brings to life makes us realize that the love and struggle between family and friends is a constant in life regardless of time or place."

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