Woman Held in Alleged 2-Year Affair With Boy

A woman has been arrested in Wilmington on suspicion of having a two-year affair with her friend's son that began when he was 13.

Investigators will conduct a paternity test to see if the teenager fathered 28-year-old Arlene Diane Roybal's baby girl, authorities said Friday.

Roybal, of Wilmington, was arrested Wednesday at a motel, where authorities also found the 15-year-old and Roybal's 5-month-old daughter.

She was being held Friday in lieu of $50,000 bail. She pleaded not guilty Thursday in San Pedro Municipal Court to having sexual intercourse with a minor, child molestation, false imprisonment, child endangering and other crimes, authorities said.

Authorities said that since 1996, the teenager has repeatedly run away from home and from foster care to stay with Roybal.

"Whether they wanted to be together isn't the issue," Los Angeles Police Det. Pamela Harris said. "Minors are not supposed to make decisions like that."

The boy and Roybal's baby were placed in the care of the county Department of Children's Services. A paternity test will determine if the boy is the father, Harris said.

"He says yes, then he says no. But the mother definitely denies the baby is his," she said.

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