Encouragement for Teens

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the nice article by Massie Ritsch and photo by Anne Cusack about the Santa Clara High School Saints Football Team that appeared on Sept. 15.

I was so pleased to see an article that helped to boost the spirit of the team and coaches. I have been a teacher at Santa Clara High School since 1979, and all of my children are graduates of the school, one of those being the officer in your picture.

Through my years of teaching I have found such joy in working with teenagers, the vast majority of whom are wonderful people who go on to become actively involved in their communities in positive ways. For example, in a previous article in The Times about Santa Clara High School, it mentioned that a number of the coaches at St. Bonaventure High School are Santa Clara High School alumni. The article failed to mention that five of our six football coaches are also graduates of Santa Clara High School. We must be doing something right, as are all of our schools that are producing the leaders of tomorrow.

Come to any of our local high schools and see the positive things that the young people in our communities are accomplishing. Go, see, write about the academic and sports awards, the clubs and organizations that are working hard to better school and community life, attend a game or a dance. Give our young people the encouragement to continue their good work by giving them the recognition they deserve.


Teacher, Assistant Principal

and Dean of Discipline

Santa Clara High School


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