Despite Bunkers, No Need to Dress for Desert Storm

A 17-year-old was kicked off his high school golf team in Charleston, W.Va., for refusing to wear the squad's camouflage-print shirt.

Phil Mauser said he found the shirts embarrassing.

"I don't hunt, so I don't like camouflage," he said. "Camouflage is not in the same category as golf attire."

Braxton County High School Coach Rick Frame, who dropped Mauser from the team, said he chose the shirt's design because "I wanted to get something a little different."

Think again, Rick.


Trivia time: Who holds the NCAA Division I-A record for most yards gained rushing in a quarter?


Let's hope not: Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Examiner writes that since Albert Belle has the longest current streak of baseball games played, we should prepare for the day in 2013 when he breaks Cal Ripken's record. He'll be 47 then.

Ratto suggests ceramic mugs with some of Belle's favorite quotes on them, such as, "Get away from my locker!" or "Get out of my dugout!"


Saviors: Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press, writing on the impact Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa have had on baseball:

"When this magical season ends, baseball should go to the vault, empty it out, and give it all to Sammy and Mac.

"The way those two have elevated interest in the national pastime is beyond repayment. Save the game, is all they did."


Pit bull: Bill Campbell in the Dallas Morning News: "ABC showed us--once again, painfully--the perils of live TV at the Lone Star 500K [on Sept. 19].

"Pit reporter Gary Gerould approached driver Tony Stewart moments after Stewart's engine blew on the 80th lap with the tactful question, 'How do you feel?'

"Stewart, who fell to third in the IRL season point standings and virtually out of contention for the $1-million first prize, didn't mince words. 'I just gave away a . . . million dollars. How do you think I feel?' "


Come again? From Carolina Panther rookie defensive lineman Jason Peter: "It's still at a point where I don't even know what I don't know."


FYI: Nolan Ryan, the major leagues' all-time leader in strikeouts with 5,714, has the unique distinction of having struck out Roger Maris, McGwire and Sosa.

Babe Ruth retired long before Ryan began his career.


Looking back: On this day in 1930, USC defeated UCLA in football at the Coliseum, 52-0.


Update: The Bruins have now beaten the Trojans in football seven consecutive years.


Trivia answer: Corey Dillon of Washington, 222 yards against San Jose State on Nov. 16, 1996.


And finally: Country music star Garth Brooks, a switch-hitter, took batting practice in Philadelphia and homered from both sides of the plate.

"He has power potential from both sides--and he can sing the anthem," said Phillie General Manager Ed Wade. "But I don't think we can afford the $30 million a week he makes."

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