Together, They Make a Power Forward


A.C. Green and Robert Horry have been giving the Lakers consistent defense and rebounding as a two-man power-forward duo, perhaps the best sustained play at that position since . . . well, since . . .

“Ever since I left, you mean? You want to just get all the way down to it?” Green said with a smile, referring to his free-agent departure from the Lakers after the 1992-93 season.

Coach Phil Jackson, who says he usually hopes for about 12 points and 10 rebounds a game from his power-forward spot, has split the minutes almost down the middle: Green starts and wrestles his way through most of the first and third quarters, and Horry comes in with speed and shot-blocking skills for most of the second and fourth.


The result: Green and Horry have combined to average 10 points and 12.3 rebounds and have rarely been outplayed at the position where the Lakers have fared worst over the years.

“I think we bring a certain chemistry to the game at that position,” Green said. “Robert, he’s like night and day more athletic than I am, shoots better than I do. He’s probably a better defensive player than I am. He’s younger than I am.

“I just go in before he does. And my job is to go in and wear his guy down. I go in and wear him down, get him all beat up, bruised and then Robert comes in and he flows with it.

“He enjoys it, he likes that. He doesn’t want to go first, he wants me to go first. I come with obviously more experience, more aggressive in the sense of being physical . . . and from there, it’s the same type of hard-nosed defensive player. . . . It’s just a blend.”

The two, however, combine to take only about 10 shots a game, and Jackson said he is looking for Horry in particular to be more aggressive on offense.

“Hopefully, they can get a lot of points or whatever during the course of games when we need them,” Jackson said, “and if they don’t need them, they can live without the shots.


“However, with Robert, he’s a much better offensive player. He’s proven to be in the past. Presently, I think he’s kind of lost his lust for scoring.

“We’re trying to reestablish the fact that his three-point shot has got to be a weapon for our team at certain times and he’s got to run the lane like he’s always been able to run the lane to get some easy baskets.”


The Lakers took Thursday off but will practice today in preparation for their Christmas Day game against San Antonio at Staples Center.