Online Guide for Dogs on the Road is a Howl

Another online service has jumped paws-first into the burgeoning field of doggie travel guides--this one focusing on California. The site,, lists more than 600 dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and attractions in 22 California cities. Although another, nationwide Web service,, covers far more California cities, "dogfriendly" provides more extensive profiles (with descriptions, rates and often photos).

There are sections on lodging, attractions (Did you know Fido can ride the Mammoth Mountain gondola in the summer?) and parks and beaches, as well as a bulletin board that's a "Dear Abby" of dog-life queries (Who will baby-sit my blind Dachshund? How can I keep my roommate from overfeeding my dog?). A caveat: Company president Tara Kain says her staff checks out many but not all listed hotels, and rates and rules can change.

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