A nearly mile-long stretch of Huntington State Beach remains closed more than a week after tests first revealed that a sewer pipe rupture was causing bacteria to seep into the ocean waters, health officials said. Testing, which began July 7 on the pipelines that connect the 12 beach restrooms to the sewage treatment center at Brookhurst Street and Pacific Coast Highway, shows a break in the pipe from restroom No. 7 near Newland Street, said Michelle Tuchman, spokeswoman for the Orange County Sanitation District. Sanitation workers detected a higher-than-normal bacteria count where the 1-inch-wide separation was found, Tuchman said.

Sewage bacteria can potentially cause nausea, vomiting and infections to the ear, eye and sinus areas, said Monica Mazur, an environmental health specialist with the Orange County Health Care Agency.

By using miniature cameras to inspect pipes, workers will continue to examine the restroom lines, Tuchman said. The video testing should be complete by the end of the week and then the Orange County Sanitation District will arrange immediate repairs, Mazur said. The beach will remain closed until repairs are done, she said.

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