What’s Your Scent?

Are you a Gemini who needs a love fix? How about a Taurus concerned about wealth?

Christine Perakis of Marina del Rey and Lauri Kibby of Brentwood may have your answer. Their new fragrance system, Astrologie, is based on the 12 sun signs. Each sign has three vials of scented oils designed to encourage love, wealth and the soul ($24.95 each).

Perakis was an entertainment lawyer and Kibby owned a historic renovation business. Both hard-driving Cancers were looking for less aggressive professions.

Many people may dismiss astrology, but, says Perakis, “seven out of 10 don’t know the president or vice president, but nine out of 10 know the astrology sign of their mother.”

The line, available at https://www.astrologie123.com, was launched Monday (the most auspicious date, according to their astrologer).