A Sweet Sight

Name That Candy Bar is a game from the Science Museum of Minnesota that, darn, we can't stop playing till we win. The object is to identify 24 candy bars from cross-sections or slices. A museum spokeswoman says the site will get kids interested in analyzing things. The game may sound easy, but some of the slices look alike. A colleague was sure the Baby Ruth was a Snickers. And the Pearson's Nut Roll, a regional favorite in the Midwest, threw us for a loop. We blasted through the Almond Joy and Mounds, though.

Kids can e-mail pictures to add to the site's collection of cross-sectioned items, which includes a coconut, a pomegranate, a refrigerator and something called spitting fungus. Fungus? No thanks, we'll take the candy.

(Name That Candy Bar is at http://www.sci.mus.mn.us/sln/tf/c/crosssection/crosssection.html).

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