The Leaders of the Pack

Here is the complete list of nominations for the 51st annual nighttime Emmy Awards, as announced Thursday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. They cover programs aired between June 1, 1998, and May 31, 1999.


* Comedy series: "Ally McBeal," Fox; "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS; "Frasier," NBC; "Friends," NBC; "Sex and the City," HBO.

* Drama series: "ER," NBC; "Law & Order," NBC; "NYPD Blue," ABC; "The Practice," ABC; "The Sopranos," HBO.

* Miniseries: "Great Expectations," PBS; "Horatio Hornblower," A&E; "Joan of Arc," CBS; "The 60s," NBC; "The Temptations," NBC.

* Movie: "The Baby Dance," Showtime; "Dash and Lilly," A&E; "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; "Pirates of Silicon Valley," TNT; "The Rat Pack," HBO.

* Variety, music or comedy series: "Dennis Miller Live," HBO; "Late Show With David Letterman," CBS; "Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher," ABC; "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," NBC; "Tracey Takes On . . . ," HBO.

* Variety, music or comedy special: "71st Annual Academy Awards," ABC; "George Carlin: You Are All Diseased," HBO; "Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You for the Last Time," HBO; "John Leguizamo's Freak," HBO; "1998 Tony Awards," CBS.

* Classical music-dance program: "Dance In America: A Hymn For Alvin Ailey," PBS; "Ellington at 100--New York Philharmonic and Jazz at Lincoln Center," PBS; "Itzhak Perlman: Fiddling for the Future," PBS; "New York City Ballet: Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake,' " PBS; " 'A Streetcar Named Desire' From the San Francisco Opera," PBS.

* Children's program: "Nick News Special Edition: The Clinton Crisis," Nickelodeon; "Rosie O'Donnell's Kids Are Punny," HBO; "Rugrats," Nickelodeon; "The Truth About Drinking: The Teen Files," syndicated; "A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving," ABC.

* Nonfiction special: "Avalanche: The White Death," NBC; "Dying to Tell the Story," TBS; "The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison," A&E; "Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth," HBO; "Little Dieter Needs to Fly: Escape From Laos," Cinemax; "Thug Life in D.C.," HBO.

* Nonfiction series: "The American Experience," PBS; "American Masters," PBS; "The Awful Truth With Michael Moore," Bravo; "Biography," A&E; "Inside the Actors Studio," Bravo.

* Animated program (one hour or less): "Futurama," Fox; "King of the Hill," Fox; "The PJs," Fox; "The Powerpuff Girls," Cartoon Network; "The Simpsons," Fox.

* Animated program (one hour or more): "Our Friend Martin," STZ; "Todd McFarlane's Spawn," HBO.

* Commercial: "Miller Lite-Dances With Dog,"; "Fox Sports.Com-Feet," MJZ; " Friend," Gartner; "Volkswagen-Synchronicity," HSI; "Discover Brokerage-Tow Truck," Tool of North America.


* Actor, comedy series: Michael J. Fox, "Spin City," ABC; Kelsey Grammer, "Frasier," NBC; John Lithgow, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC; Paul Reiser, "Mad About You," NBC; Ray Romano, "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS.

* Actor, drama series: Dennis Franz, "NYPD Blue," ABC; James Gandolfini, "The Sopranos," HBO; Dylan McDermott, "The Practice," ABC; Jimmy Smits, "NYPD Blue," ABC; Sam Waterston, "Law & Order," NBC.

* Actor, miniseries or movie: Don Cheadle, "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; Ian Holm, "King Lear," PBS; Jack Lemmon, "Inherit the Wind," Showtime; Sam Shepard, "Dash and Lilly" A&E; Stanley Tucci, "Winchell," HBO.

* Actress, comedy series: Jenna Elfman, "Dharma & Greg," ABC; Calista Flockhart, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Patricia Heaton, "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS; Helen Hunt, "Mad About You," NBC; Sarah Jessica Parker, "Sex and the City," HBO.

* Actress, drama series: Gillian Anderson, "The X-Files," Fox; Lorraine Bracco, "The Sopranos," HBO; Edie Falco, "The Sopranos," HBO; Christine Lahti, "Chicago Hope," CBS; Julianna Margulies, "ER," NBC.

* Actress, miniseries or movie: Ann-Margret, "Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story," Lifetime; Stockard Channing, "The Baby Dance," Showtime; Judy Davis, "Dash and Lilly," A&E; Helen Mirren, "The Passion of Ayn Rand," Showtime; Leelee Sobieski, "Joan of Arc," CBS.

* Supporting actor, comedy series: Peter Boyle, "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS; John Mahoney, "Frasier," NBC; Peter MacNicol, "Ally McBeal," Fox; David Hyde Pierce, "Frasier," NBC; David Spade, "Just Shoot Me," NBC.

* Supporting actor, drama series: Michael Badalucco, "The Practice," ABC; Benjamin Bratt, "Law & Order," NBC; Steve Harris, "The Practice," ABC; Steven Hill, "Law & Order," NBC; Noah Wyle, "ER," NBC.

* Supporting actor, miniseries or movie: Beau Bridges, "Inherit the Wind," Showtime; Don Cheadle, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Peter Fonda, "The Passion of Ayn Rand," Showtime; Joe Mantegna, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Peter O'Toole, "Joan of Arc," CBS.

* Supporting actress, comedy: Kristen Johnston, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC; Lisa Kudrow, "Friends," NBC; Lucy Liu, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Wendie Malick, "Just Shoot Me," NBC; Doris Roberts, "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS.

* Supporting actress, drama series: Lara Flynn Boyle, "The Practice," ABC; Kim Delaney, "NYPD Blue," ABC; Camryn Manheim, "The Practice," ABC; Nancy Marchand, "The Sopranos," HBO; Holland Taylor, "The Practice," ABC.

* Supporting actress, miniseries or movie: Anne Bancroft, "Deep in My Heart," CBS; Jacqueline Bisset, "Joan of Arc," CBS; Olympia Dukakis, "Joan of Arc," CBS; Bebe Neuwirth, "Dash and Lilly," A&E; Cicely Tyson, "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; Dianne Wiest, "The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn," CBS.

* Guest actor, comedy series: Mel Brooks, "Mad About You," NBC; Woody Harrelson, "Frasier," NBC; Charles Nelson Reilly, "The Drew Carey Show," ABC; John Ritter, "Ally McBeal," Fox; William Shatner, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC.

* Guest actor, drama series: Tony Danza, "The Practice," ABC; Charles S. Dutton, "Oz," HBO; John Heard, "The Sopranos," HBO; Edward Herrmann, "The Practice," ABC; Mandy Patinkin, "Chicago Hope," CBS.

* Guest actress, comedy series: Christine Baranski, "Frasier," NBC; Kathy Bates, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC; Piper Laurie, "Frasier," NBC; Laurie Metcalf, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC; Tracey Ullman, "Ally McBeal," Fox.

* Guest actress, drama series: Veronica Cartwright, "The X-Files," Fox; Patty Duke, "Touched by an Angel," CBS; Debra Monk, "NYPD Blue," ABC; Julia Roberts, "Law & Order," NBC; Marion Ross, "Touched by an Angel," CBS.

* Performance in a variety or music program: George Carlin, "George Carlin: You Are All Diseased," HBO, John Leguizamo, "John Leguizamo's Freak," HBO; Dennis Miller, "Dennis Miller Live," HBO; Chris Rock, "The Chris Rock Show," HBO; Tracey Ullman, "Tracey Takes On . . . ," HBO.


* Comedy series: David E. Kelley, "Ally McBeal (Sideshow)," Fox; Jay Kogen, "Frasier (Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz)," NBC; Alexa Junge, "Friends (The One Where Everybody Finds Out)," NBC; Steven Levitan, "Just Shoot Me (Slow Donnie)," NBC; Aaron Sorkin, "SportsNight (The Apology)," ABC.

* Drama series: Nicholas Wootton, teleplay, and Steven Bochco, David Milch, Bill Clark, story, "NYPD Blue (Hearts and Souls)," ABC; David Chase, "The Sopranos (pilot)," HBO; Frank Renzulli, "The Sopranos (Nobody Knows Anything)," HBO; Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, "The Sopranos (Isabella)," HBO; James Manos Jr., David Chase, "The Sopranos (College)," HBO.

* Variety or music show: Tom Agna, Vernon Chatman, Louis CK, Lance Crouther, Gregory Greenberg, Ali Leroi, Steve O'Donnell, Chris Rock, Frank Sebastiano, Chuck Sklar, Jeff Stilson, Wanda Sykes-Hall, Mike Upchurch, "The Chris Rock Show," HBO; Eddie Feldmann, Dennis Miller, David Feldman, Leah Krinsky, Jim Hanna, David Weiss, Jose Arroyo "Dennis Miller Live," HBO; Jonathan Groff, Chris Albers, Ellen Barancik, Janine DiTullio, Michael Gordon, Brian Kiley, Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, Brian Stack, Mike Sweeney, Jon Glaser, Brian McCann, Tommy Blacha, "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," NBC; Rodney Rothman, Joe Toplyn, Gerard Mulligan, Michael Barrie, Eric Stangel, Justin Stangel, Steve Young, Gabe Abelson, Carter L. Bays, Craig Thomas, David Javerbaum, Jeff Boggs, Tom Ruprecht, Chris Harris, Jon Beckerman, Rob Burnett, David Letterman, "Late Show With David Letterman," CBS; Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Scott Aukerman, Jerry Collins, Jay Johnston, Bill Odenkirk, B.J. Porter, Brian Posehn, Dino Stamatopoulos, "Mr. Show With Bob and David," HBO.

* Miniseries or movie: Jane Anderson, "The Baby Dance," Showtime; Jerry Ludwig, "Dash and Lilly," A&E; Ann Peacock, "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; Martyn Burke, "Pirates of Silicon Valley," TNT; Kario Salem, "The Rat Pack," HBO .


* Comedy series: Arlene Sanford, "Ally McBeal (Those Lips, That Hand)," Fox; Will Mackenzie, "Everybody Loves Raymond (Robert's Date)," CBS; Michael Lembeck, "Friends (The One Where Everyone Finds Out)," NBC; Thomas Schlamme, "SportsNight (Pilot)," ABC; James Burrows, "Will & Grace (Pilot)," NBC.

* Drama series: Ed Sherin, "Law & Order/Homicide: Life on the Street (Sideshow Parts 1 & 2)," NBC; Matthew Penn, "Law & Order (Empire)," NBC; Paris Barclay, "NYPD Blue (Hearts and Souls)," ABC; David Chase, "The Sopranos (Pilot)," HBO.

* Variety or music program: Walter C. Miller, "The 41st Annual Grammy Awards," CBS; Louis J. Horvitz, "The Kennedy Center Honors," CBS; Beth McCarthy, "Saturday Night Live (Host: Jennifer Love Hewitt)," NBC; Ellen Brown, "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Show No. 1613)," NBC; Paul Miller, "1998 Tony Awards," CBS.

* Miniseries or movie: Jane Anderson, "The Baby Dance," Showtime; Kathy Bates, "Dash and Lilly," A&E; Christian Duguay, "Joan of Arc," CBS; Joseph Sargent, "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; Allan Arkush, "The Temptations," NBC.

Nonfiction Programming

* Cinematography: Richard Chisolm, Cory Taylor, Erich Volkstorf, Skip Gray, "Avalanche: The White Death (National Geographic Specials)," NBC; Samuel Henriques, Bob Perrin, "The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison," A&E.;

* Picture editing: Deborah Peretz, "American Masters: Leonard Bernstein: Reaching for the Note," PBS; Luke Sacher, "Biography: The Rat Pack," A&E; Mary Manhardt, Mona David, "The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison," A&E; Tricia Reidy, "Frank Lloyd Wright," PBS; Geof Bartz, Robert B. Weide, "Lenny Bruce: Swear To Tell the Truth," HBO.

* Sound editing: Cory Taylor, "Avalanche: The White Death (National Geographic Specials)," NBC; Margaret Crimmins, Paul D. Hsu, "The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison," A&E; Derek Luff, George Leyva, Rick Norman, "Why Dogs Smile & Chimpanzees Cry," Discovery.

* Sound mixing: Dennis Towns, Scot B. Charles, Mark Linden, Al Decker, "Avalanche: The White Death (National Geographic Specials)," NBC; Chris Drozalowski, "Biography: The Rat Pack," A&E.;


* Art direction, series: Peter Politanoff, Diane O'Connell, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Thomas A. Walsh, Kim Hix, Leslie Frankenheimer, "Buddy Faro," CBS; Edward Pisoni, Diann Duthie, Jessica Lanier, "The Sopranos," HBO; Herman Zimmerman, Randy McIlvain, Laura Richarz, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," SYN; Corey Kaplan, Lauren Polizzi, Sandy Getzler, Tim Stepeck, 'The X-Files," Fox.

* Art direction, miniseries or movie: Roger Hall, Alan Tomkins, Rosalind Shingleton, Karen Brookes, "Alice in Wonderland," NBC; Martin Hitchcock, Frank Walsh, Judy Farr, "Cleopatra (Part 1)," ABC; Andrew Mollo, Michael Joyce, Jan Chaney, Carol Spier, "Horatio Hornblower (The Fire Ships)," A&E; Michael Joy, Shannon Grover, Martin Martinec, "Joan of Arc (Night 1)," CBS; Hilda Stark Manos, Kathleen M. McKernin, Linda Spheeris, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Marcia Hinds-Johnson, Bo Johnson, Cindy Coburn, "Winchell," HBO.

* Art direction, variety or music program: Ray Christopher, Steve Olson, "The 71st Annual Academy Awards," ABC; Bob Keene, Brian J. Stonestreet, "The 41st Annual Grammy Awards," CBS; Rene Lagler, "The Three Tenors: Paris 1998," PBS; Toby Corbett, Suzuki Ingerslev, Evette Knight, "Tracey Takes On . . . ," HBO; Chez Cherry, Suzuki Ingerslev, Evette Knight, "Tracey Takes On . . " HBO.

* Casting, series: Jeanie Bacharach, Sharon Jetton, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Suzanne Ryan, "Law & Order," NBC; Alexa L. Fogel, "Oz," HBO; Janet Gilmore, Megan McConnell, 'The Practice," ABC; Georgianne Walken, Sheila Jaffe, "The Sopranos," HBO.

* Casting, miniseries or movie: Deidre Bowen, Suzie Glicksman, Fern Orenstein, "Joan of Arc," CBS; Robi Reed-Humes, Shay Bentley-Griffin, "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; Lisa Freiberger, "Pirates of Silicon Valley," TNT; Nancy Foy, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Jaki Brown-Karman, Canice Kennedy, "The Temptations," NBC; Juel Bestrop, 'Winchell," HBO.

* Choreography: Debbie Allen, "71st Annual Academy Awards," ABC; Judith Jamison, "Dance in America: A Hymn For Alvin Ailey," PBS; Marguerite Derricks, "Goodwill Games Opening Celebration," TBS; Tina Landon, Michael Andrews, Teresa Espinosa, Robert Vinson, "Janet: The Velvet Rope," HBO; Joe Malone, "Tracey Takes On . . . ," HBO; Jean Claude Belmat, "Universoul Circus," HBO.

* Cinematography, series: Jim Bagdonas, "Chicago Hope (Home Is Where the Heartache Is)," CBS; Robert Primes, "Felicity (Todd Mulcahy, Part 2)," WB; Hugo Cortina, "JAG (Gypsy Eyes)," CBS; Dennis Smith, "The Practice (Happily Ever After)," ABC; Bill Roe, "The X-Files (The Unnatural)," Fox.

* Cinematography, miniseries or movie: Bruce Surtees, "Dash and Lilly," A&E; Roland Smith, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie," CBS; John A. Alonzo, "Lansky," HBO; Michael D. O'Shea, "The 60s (part 2)," NBC; Robbie Greenberg, "Winchell," HBO.

* Costuming, series: Paul Dafelmair, "Jag," CBS; Shawn Holly Cookson, Terry Gordon, "The Nanny," CBS; Shelly Levine, Loree Parall, "The Practice," ABC.

* Costume design, series: Rachael Stanley, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Debra McGuire, "Friends," NBC; Jennifer von Mayrhauser, "Law & Order,' NBC; Dan Moore, "The Magnificent Seven," CBS; Marie Abma, "Remember WENN," AMC; Melina Root, "That 70s Show," Fox.

* Costume design, miniseries or movie: Charles Knode, "Alice in Wonderland," NBC; Enrico Sabbatini, "Cleopatra," ABC; Nicolas Ede, "Dash And Lilly," A&E; John Mollo, "Horatio Hornblower," A&E; John Hay, "Joan Of Arc," CBS.

* Costume design, variety or music program: Wendy Benbrook-Fox, "Mad TV," Fox; Tom Broecker, "Saturday Night Live," NBC; Jef Billings, "The Snowden Raggedy Ann And Andy Holiday Show," CBS; Jane Ruhm, "Tracey Takes On . . . ," HBO.

* Single-camera picture editing, series: Philip Neel, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Kevin Casey, "ER," NBC; Joanna Cappuccilli, "The Sopranos," HBO; Heather MacDougall, "The X-Files," Fox.

* Single-camera picture editing, miniseries or movie: Cindy Mollo, "Dash And Lilly," A&E; Keith Palmer, "Horatio Hornblower," A&E; Ralph Brunjes, "Joan Of Arc," CBS; Richard Halsey, "Pirates Of Silicon Valley," TNT; Eric Sears, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Neil Mandelberg, "The Temptations," NBC.

* Multi-camera picture editing, series: Ron Volk, "Frasier," NBC; Paul Anderson, "Just Shoot Me," NBC; Janet Ashikaga, "Sports Night," ABC; Vince Humphrey, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC.

* Multi-camera picture editing, miniseries, movie or special: Booey Kober, "Celine Dion: These Are Special Times," CBS; Bruce Motyer, "Disney's Young Musician's Symphony Orchestra," Disney Channel; Michael Polito, Randy Magalski, Barbara S. Ballow, Mark Muheim, Joe Wiedenmayer, "The Kennedy Center Honors," CBS; Sean Fullan, "The Kennedy Center Presents A Tribute To Muddy Waters: King Of the Blues," PBS; Mark Spada, Keith Debetham, Steve Babb, Michael Goldsmith, Tom Catusi, "Late Show With David Letterman Fifth Anniversary Special," CBS; Ray Miller, "The World's Greatest Magic V," NBC.

* Hairstyling, series: Matthew Kasten, "Mad TV," Fox; Bobby H. Grayson, "Saturday Night Live," NBC; Norma Lee, Brian Andrew Tunstall, Gloria Pasqua Casny, Rebecca DeMorrio, Laura Connolly, Lauren Upshaw, Frank Fontaine, Timothy Jones, Susan Maust, Angela Gurule, Gloria Ponce, Virginia Grobeson, Linda Sharp, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," syn; Gabriella Pollino, Cindy Costello, Valerie Scott, Deborah Piper, "That 70s Show," Fox; Audrey Futterman-Stern, "Tracy Takes On . . .," HBO.

* Hairstyling, miniseries, movie or special: Timothy Jones, Marlene D. Williams, "And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny And Cher Story," ABC; Maria Teresa Corridoni, Desideria Corridoni, Barry Richardson, "Cleopatra," ABC; Judy Crown, "Houdini," TNT; Jan Archibald, Benjamin Robin, "Joan of Arc," CBS; Audrey Futterman-Stern, Gail Ryan, Kelvin R. Trahan, "The Rat Pack," HBO.

* Lighting direction (electronic), comedy series,: Donald A. Morgan, "Home Improvement," ABC; Simon Miles, "Mr. Show With Bob And David," HBO; Alan Walker, "Rude Awakening," Showtime.

* Lighting direction (electronic), drama series, variety series, miniseries, movie or special: Robert Dickinson, Robert T. Barnhart, Andy O'Reilly, Matt Ford, "71st Annual Academy Awards," ABC; Jerry Watson, "Janet: The Velvet Rope," HBO; Jeff Engel, Victor Fable, "The 78th Annual Miss America Pageant," ABC; Greg Brunton, "Opening the Lost Tombs," Fox; Olin Younger, "The Three Tenors: Paris 1998," PBS.

* Main title design: Chris Allies, "Alice in Wonderland," NBC; Yarrow Cheney, Carrie Buell, "Dilbert," UPN; Halbo van der Klaauw, "First Wave," SciFi; Jim Lim, "Private Screenings," TCM.

* Makeup, series: Todd McIntosh, John Wheaton, Robin Beauchesne, Douglas Noe, Jamie Kelman, Craig Reardon, John Vulich, John Maldonado, Bridget Myre-Ellis, Ed French, Blake Shepard, Erwin Kupitz, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," WB; Louis Zakarian, Andrea Miller, Vincent Guastini, "Saturday Night Live," NBC; Camille Calvet, Michael Westmore, Dean Jones, Mark Bussan, Mary Kay Morse, Ellis Burman, Belinda Bryant, Karen Iverson, Karen Westerfield, Bradley M. Look, David Quaschnick, Earl Ellis, Joe Podnar, Stephen R. Weber, Jeffrey Lewis, Sandra Rowden, Toby Lamm, Michael Blake, June Westmore, Judith Silverman-Orr, Craig Smith, Kevin Haney, Suzanne Diaz, Scott Wheeler, James Rohland, Tina Kalliongis-Hoffman, Natalie Wood, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," syn; Ron Berkeley, Kathy Berkeley, Thomas R. Burman, Bari Dreiband-Burman, "Tracey takes On . . . ," HBO; Cheri Montesanto-Medcalf, Laverne Basham, John Vulich, Kevin Westmore, Greg Funk, John Wheaton, Mark Shostrom, Rick Stratton, Jake Garber, Craig Reardon, Fionagh Cush, Steve LaPorte, Kevin Haney, Jane Aull, Peri Sorel, Jeanne Van Phue, Julie Socash, "The X-Files," Fox.

* Makeup, miniseries, movie or special: Anne Spiers, James Kell, Duncan Jarman, Sandra Shephard, "Alice in Wonderland," NBC; Susan Cabral-Ebert, Joe Hailey, "And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny And Cher Story," ABC; Matthew W. Mungle, Deborah Lamia Denaver, John E. Jackson, "Houdini," TNT; Melissa Purino, Tomoko Hidaka, "Joan Of Arc," CBS; Kandace Westmore, Judy Lovell, Marvin G. Westmore, Kevin Haney, "The Rat Pack," HBO.

* Music composition, series (dramatic underscore): John Ottman, "Fantasy Island," ABC; Carl Johnson, "Invasion America," WB; Alf Clausen, "The Simpsons," Fox; Mark Snow, "The X-Files," Fox; Joseph Lo Duca, "Xena: Warrior Princess,"; syn.

* Music composition, miniseries or movie (dramatic underscore): Richard Hartley, "Alice in Wonderland," NBC; Lee Holdridge, "Mutiny," NBC; Marco Beltrami, "Oprah Winfrey Presents: David and Lisa," ABC; David Shire, "Rear Window," ABC; Carl Johnson, "Winnie the Pooh, A Valentine For You," ABC.

* Music direction: Bill Conti, "71st Annual Academy Awards," ABC; Steve Tyrell, "And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story," ABC; Ian Fraser, "Christmas in Washington," NBC; Rex Salas, "Janet: The Velvet Rope," HBO; Mark Adler, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Daniel Carlin, "The Temptations," NBC.

* Music and lyrics: Marvin Hamlisch, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, "AFI's 100 Years . . . 100 Movies," CBS; Dan Foliart, "Home Improvement," ABC; Gary Stockdale, Penn Jillette, Teller, Colman deKay, "Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular," FX; Michael Silversher, "Winnie the Pooh, A Valentine For You," ABC; David Michael Frank, Todd Smallwood, "You Lucky Dog," Disney Channel.

* Main title theme music: Q D III, George Clinton, Larita Norman, Marie Norman, "The PJs," Fox; Danny Lux, "Profiler," NBC; Martin Davich, "Trinity," NBC; Frankie Blue, "VIP," syn; Glen Roven, Ben Garant, "Viva Variety," Comedy Central.

* Sound editing, series: Cindy Rabideau, Robert Guastini, Mark Cleary, Mike Marchain, Anna MacKenzie, William Angarola, Rick Hinson, Ray Spiess, Jr., Fernand Bos, Zane Bruce, Joe Sabella, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," WB; Walter Newman, Darren Wright, Rick Camara, Darleen Stoker-Kageyama, Bruce Honda, Thomas A. Harris, Rick Hromadka, Sharon Tylk, Casey Crabtree, James Bailey, "ER," NBC; Thomas E. Degorter, David Melhase, James A. Williams, Warren D. Smith, Tiffany S. Griffith, Christopher Briles, Andrew Ellerd, Bradley C. Katona, Gary L. Krause, Mark Kamps, Patricia Nedd, Dominique, "The Pretender," NBC; Ray Spiess, Jr., William Angarola, Robert Guastini, Benjamin Beardwood, Anna MacKenzie, Mike Marchain, Rick Hinson, Bruce Swanson, Mark Cleary, Cindy Rabideau, Kathryn Dayak, Zane Bruce, Joe Sabella, "The Sopranos," HBO; Thierry J. Couturier, Stuart Calderon, Michael Goodman, Jay Levine, Maciek Malish, George Nemzer, Cecilia Perna, Chris Reeves, Gabrielle Reeves, Jeff Charbonneau, Gary Marullo, Mike Salvetta, "The X-Files," Fox.

* Sound editing miniseries, movie or special: William Angarola, Rick Hinson, Anna MacKenzie, Ray Spiess, Jr., Mike Marchain, Skip Adams, Robert Guastini, Cindy Rabideau, Jeanette Surga, Zane Bruce, Joe Sabella, "Houdini," TNT; Mark Friedgen, Michael Graham, Suzanne Angel, Bill Carruth, Bill Bell, Bob Costanza, Mike Dickeson, Anton Holden, Tim Terusa, Adriane Marfiak, Mike Lyle, Gary Macheel, Mark Steele, Rick Steele, Lou Thomas, Allen Rosen, Tim Chilton, Jill Schachne, "Purgatory," TNT; William Angarola, Rick Hinson, Anna MacKenzie, Ray Spiess III, Cindy Rabideau, Mike Marchain, Jason Lezama, Robert Guastini, Ray Spiess, Jr., Ron Finn, Chris Moriana, Katey Rowe, "A Soldier's Sweetheart," Showtime; Richard Taylor, David Melhase, Benjamin Beardwood, Dennis Gray, Paul Longstaffe, Ralph H. Osborn III, Peter Drake Austin, Barbara Issak, Eric A. Norris, Brian Thomas Nist, Andrew Ellerd, Kenneth L. Johnson, Bradley C. Katona, Gary L. Krause, Joseph H. Earle, Sherrie Whitfield, Nancy Parker, Patricia Nedd, "Stephen King's Storm of the Century," ABC; Michael Graham, Bill Carruth, Mark Friedgen, Bill Bell, Anton Holden, Mike Dickeson, Scot Tinsley, Rick Crampton, Dave Eichhorn, Rick Steele, Rusty Tinsley, Adriane Marfiak, Gary Macheel, Tim Terusa, Lou Thomas, Mark Caruso, Tim Chilton, Jill Schachne, "Tom Clancy's Netforce," ABC.

* Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Paul Lewis, Peter R. Kelsey, Nello Torri, "Ally McBeal," Fox; Dana Mark McClure, Thomas J. Huth, Andre Caporaso, Robert Douglass, "Frasier," NBC; Dana Mark McClure, Charlie McDaniel III, Kathy Oldham, John Bickelhaupt, "Friends," NBC; Klaus Landsberg, Kathy Oldham, Charlie McDaniel III, John Bickelhaupt, "Home Improvement," ABC; Jesse Peck, Todd Grace, Craig Porter, "3rd Rock From the Sun," NBC.

* Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Edward J. Green, Tom Vicari, Patrick Baltzell, Robert Douglass, "71st Annual Academy Awards," ABC; Sue Pelino, Thom Cadley, "An All-Star Tribute to Johnny Cash," TNT; Paul Sandweiss, Robert La Masney, Denis Savage, Daniel Baron, "Celine Dion: These Are Special Times," CBS; Edward J. Greene, John Harris, Don Worsham, Randy Ezratty, Robert La Masney, "The 41st Annual Grammy Awards," CBS.

* Sound mixing, drama series: Marc A. Gilmartin, David Concors, Michael E. Jiron, Allen L. Stone, "ER," NBC; David Platt, Thomas Meloeny, William M. Nicholson, "Law & Order," NBC; Joe Kenworthy, J. Stanley Johnston, Elmo Ponsdomenech, "NYPD Blue," ABC; Clark King, Harry T. Andronis, David J. West, Kurt Kassulke, "The Practice," ABC; Matthew Price, Todd Orr, Ron Evans, Adam Sawelson, "The Sopranos," HBO.

* Sound mixing, miniseries or movie: Lou Solakofski, Orest Sushko, "Joan of Arc," CBS; Shirley Libby, Rick Ash, Gary Alexander, Scott Ganary, "A Lesson Before Dying," HBO; Stephen B. Halbert, Phillip Seretti, "Pirates of Silicon Valley," TNT; Felipe Borrero, Michael Casper, Dan Leahy, Chris Welch, "The Rat Pack," HBO; Kenn Michael Fuller, Gary J. Coppola, Craig Otte, "The 60s," NBC; Russell Williams III, Rick Alexander, Rick Hart, Richard D. Rogers, "The Temptations," NBC.

* Special visual effects, series: Dan Curry, Gary Hutzel, David Stipes, Adam Buckner, Arthur J. Codron, Judy Elkins, Gary Monak, Paul Maples, Steve Fong, Don Greenberg, Paul Hill, Davy T. Nethercutt, Kevin P. Bouchez, Greg Rainoff, Rob Bonchune, David Lombardi, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," syn.; Dan Curry, Ronald B. Moore, Mitch Suskin, Elizabeth Castro, Arthur J. Codron, Paul Hill, Don Greenberg, Greg Rainoff, Rob Bonchune, John Teska, "Star Trek: Voyager," UPN; Ronald B. Moore, Dan Curry, Paul Hill, Liz Castro, Greg Rainoff, Bruce Branit, "Star Trek: Voyager," UPN; Mitch Suskin, Arthur J. Codron, Don Greenberg, Eric Chauvin, Rob Bonchune, John Allardie, Greg Rainoff, Ron Thornton, John Teska, "Star Trek: Voyager," UPN: Jon Campfens, Van LaPointe, Sasha Jarh, John Cox, David Alexander, Ray Caesar, Joel Skeete, Barb Benoit, Linda Tremblay, Rick Gajdecki, "Total Recall 2070," Showtime.

* Special visual effects, miniseries or movie: David Booth, Richard Conway, Bob Hollow, Andy Lomas, Alex Parkinson, Martin Parsons, Jamie Courtier, Avtar Baines, William Bartlett, Nick Bennet, Oliver Bersey, Murray Butler, George Roper, Pedro Sabrosa, Angus Wilson, Ben Cronin, "Alice in Wonderland," NBC; Garth Inns, Dominic Tuohy, Matt Johnson, Ray Rankine, Dag Ivarsoy, Paul Lambert, Andrew Merlino, John Lockwood, Laurent Cordier, Hayden Jones, "Cleopatra," ABC; Gary Gutierrez, Winston Helgason, Kay Cloud, Trevor Cawood, Richard Matsushita, Dale Mayeda, David Nix, Brian Bahles, Halbo van der Klaauw, Gary Poole, Brian Battles, Charles Meredith, Stephen Pepper, Andy Freeman, "Max Q," ABC; Boyd Shermis, Robert Scifo, Danny Mudgett, David Stump, Steven Bowen, Christopher Bond, "Stephen King's Storm of the Century," ABC.

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Top Emmy Nominees

"The Sopranos": 16

"Ally McBeal": 13

"Joan of Arc": 13

"The Practice": 13

"The Rat Pack": 11

"Frasier": 10

"Dash and Lilly": 9

"Law & Order": 9

"NYPD Blue": 8

"Tracy Takes On...": 8

"The X-Files": 8

"71st Annual Academy Awards": 7

"A Lesson Before Dying": 7

"3rd Rock From the Sun": 7

For the Record Los Angeles Times Saturday July 24, 1999 Home Edition Calendar Part F Page 12 Entertainment Desk 2 inches; 37 words Type of Material: Correction Emmy nominee--Patty Silversher was omitted from the Emmy nominations list in Friday's Calendar. She is nominated along with Michael Silversher in the outstanding music and lyrics category for "Places in the Heart" from "Winnie the Pooh, A Valentine for You," ABC.
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