More than 400 "Yes on Measure A" signs promoting a $95 parcel tax on the April 11 ballot have allegedly been stolen from lawns and telephone poles across Irvine, according to campaign supporters.

"The signs are being stolen almost as fast as we can put them up," said Hank Adler, co-chairman of Save Our Schools, the group that supports the tax. "It's just disappointing, very disappointing."

Measure A would bring about $3 million to Irvine Unified School District coffers. After a similar tax measure failed in November, district trustees decided to put it back on the ballot.

Last week, all but one sign in Turtle Rock disappeared overnight, Adler said. With the signs costing about $9 apiece, the theft would cost the campaign about $3,600.

Tax opponents said they were outraged by accusations that they had removed the signs.

"We don't play dirty pool," said Eunice Cluck, a tax opponent who heads Irvine Taxpayers for Better Education.

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