Hotel Isn’t Needed at Crystal Cove

* Recently The Times published two articles dealing with Crystal Cove State Park and a plan by the would-be developer and “some environmentalists” to seek grants in the range of $35 million so as to, in effect, buy down the cost of the luxury development and thereby lower the cost of a room to the mere $100-to-$200-a-night range.

I would like to point out that the vast majority of the environmental community would like to see Crystal Cove developed in the manner and for the purpose that the state first planned after we bought the land in 1981. I would also point out that state law governing park facilities specifically forbids building in-park facilities when similar facilities are available nearby.

With Crystal Cove situated between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, the supply of luxury hotel facilities is more than adequate. Let us all hope that the state parks commission comes to its senses and develops Crystal Cove for the benefit of [people of average income] and for the benefit of the natural habitats that it supports.



Conservation chair

Sierra Club Orange County Group