John Seale

The Oscar-winning Australian cinematographer (for “The English Patient”) also shot “The Perfect Storm” and more than 30 other films, including “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “At First Sight.”

Up and Away: I’m a bit of an early riser; I prefer to get up and get going. I’ve recently learned to fly, down at Santa Monica Airport, doing lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. In the morning the wind is a little less turbulent, but later in the summer the marine layer can be a problem.

Up and Ahoy: I weakened and bought a little yacht, and I prefer that. The flying thing was a little nerve-racking, so now it’s sailing. I get out every moment I can. I have a little 30-foot racing yacht. Often from the marina I go north because of the prevailing wind. If you work your way up to Malibu and Paradise Cove, you can do a nice, fast run back in the afternoon.

Down the Hatch: Saturday evening I tend to find a really nice meal in the Santa Monica-Marina del Rey area. My wife and I tend to meet friends along Ocean Boulevard or at the lovely little Italian restaurant on Montana Avenue. Sometimes, unashamedly, if the kids are here, they love Gladstone’s and Edie’s diner down at the marina. At Edie’s you get lots of food and they have a balcony that overlooks the marina. It’s actually lovely and sunny in the morning.

Ocean Cruiser: I’m spoiled by some of the Australian beaches, but I love the bicycle path along the coast in Santa Monica. I bought a bike, and my wife and I just cycle up and down. We love the madness of Venice Beach on the weekends. It’s so unique and Californian.


Nuts & Bolts: Sometimes I leap in the car and go to Newport Beach or Long Beach for the secondhand-yacht-part stores. It bores everyone in my family, but I can spend hours at places like Minney’s in Long Beach.