NHL Incidents

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Marty McSorley’s case is the eighth in NHL history dealing with an on-ice incident:

* DINO CICCARELLI, Minnesota, Jan 6, 1988

* Incident: Ciccarelli hit Toronto’s Luke Richardson over the head with a stick.

* Charged with: Assault.

* Outcome: Ciccarelli was convicted and served one day in jail, paying a $1,000 fine.

* JIMMY MANN, Winnipeg, Jan. 13, 1982

* Incident: Mann punched Pittsburgh’s Paul Gardner from behind, breaking his jaw.

* Charged with: Assault causing bodily harm.

* Outcome: Mann pleaded guilty and was fined $500.

* DAVE WILLIAMS, Toronto Oct. 20, 1976

* Incident: Williams high-sticked Pittsburgh’s Dennis Owchar.

* Charged with: Assault causing bodily harm and possession of a dangerous weapon.

* Outcome: Williams was acquitted.

* JOE WATSON, DON SALESKI, MEL BRIDGMAN, BOB KELLY, Philadelphia, April 16, 1976

* Incident: Bridgman was involved in a fight with Toronto’s Borje Salming that spilled into the stands and ended up involving fans and police officers and resulted in injury to a female usher.

* Charged with: Watson and Saleski got two counts of common assault, assaulting a police officer and possession of a dangerous weapon. Bridgman and Kelly got assault causing bodily harm.

* Outcome: Watson and Kelly pleaded guilty and were fined. Charges against Bridgman and Saleski were dropped.


* DON MALONEY, Detroit, Nov. 5, 1975

* Incident: Maloney attacked Toronto’s Brian Glennie from behind.

* Charged with: Assault causing bodily harm.

* Outcome: Maloney was acquitted.

DAVE FORBES, Boston, Jan. 4, 1975

* Incident: Forbes butt-ended Minnesota’s Henry Boucha in the eye.

* Charged with: Aggravated assault.

* Outcome: Hung jury.

WAYNE MAKI, Chicago; TED GREEN, Boston, Sept. 21, 1969

* Incident: Maki and Green attacked one another with sticks

swinging. Green took the worst of it, suffering a fractured skull.

* Charged with: Maki got assault causing bodily harm and Green got common assault.

* Outcome: Both players acquitted.