Ivanisevic Volleys Back at McEnroe

NBC commentator John McEnroe has raised the ire of Goran Ivanisevic, saying that he is in the final only because of his huge first serve.

"John McEnroe was my idol, all my life," Ivanisevic said after completing his semifinal victory Sunday over Tim Henman. "He was a lefty; he was the player I always liked to watch. Great emotions on the court.

"But, as a person, I don't think too much about him. To say I have one shot . . . that makes me a genius because to have one shot and be in the final of Wimbledon and win 21 tournaments, some of them on clay, you have to be a genius.

"The way he's commenting, giving everybody [a hard time], saying, 'This guy is bad, this guy is going to choke, this guy is not good,' I mean, nobody is good enough for him.

"So what do I say to Mr. McEnroe? He is a great player, but, as a person, I don't want to talk about him. He's him. Who cares about him?"

Randy Harvey

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