They Forgot the War in 'WW3'


Had trouble getting to sleep this summer?

Have we got the movie for you. . . .

"WW3," a slack, uninvolving thriller from Fox about the rapid spread of a "hot virus" that threatens to decimate the U.S., squanders your time and the talent of its star, Timothy Hutton.

This tedious telefilm follows two FBI agents (Hutton and Vanessa L. Williams) on the trail of terrorists who have released a deadly biological substance that causes flu-like symptoms and internal bleeding within 48 hours of contact.

"It's like Ecuador after a bloody coup," says Williams, in a lame attempt to describe the carnage caused by the lethal powder unleashed on a cruise ship.

Supposedly, the second attack at a Chicago baseball stadium results in thousands of casualties, but you would never know it from the relatively sedate scenes staged by director Robert Mandel at the hospital that employs Hutton's wife, a saintly doctor played by Marin Hinkle of "Once and Again."

Hutton's subtle sense of humor goes over the head of his brittle boss, who's too busy barking orders to smile. And any film that covers up the lovely Williams in a bulky radioactive suit is just asking for trouble.

Moreover, the title doesn't make much sense because it's never really clear how this viral, man-made disease could lead to another global conflict.

* "WW3" can be seen tonight at 8 on Fox. The network has rated it TV-14-LV (may be unsuitable for children younger than 14, with advisories for language and violence).

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