67 Days between losses for the Lakers.

4 teams in last 16 years in the 2-3-2 playoff format that have won NBA Finals after losing Game 1.

13 Teams in the 54 years of the playoffs that have won NBA Finals after losing Game 1.

48 Points by Allen Iverson Wednesday.

39 Points by Iverson in first 29 minutes.

3 Points by Iverson in next 19 minutes while primarily being guarded by Tyronn Lue.

46.0 Iverson's scoring average in his last three playoff games.

15 Points by Kobe Bryant--his lowest total in this year's playoffs.

31.6 Bryant's average points per game in playoffs before Wednesday.

23-25 Free throws made and attempted by the 76ers (85.1%).

15-27 Free throws made and attempted by the Lakers (55.6%).

0 Points by Derek Fisher.

He had averaged 15.1 points in the previous 11 playoff games.


Teams that won the NBA Finals after losing Game 1:

1998--Chicago (vs. *Utah)

1991--*Chicago (vs. Lakers)

1988--*Lakers (vs. Detroit)

1985--Lakers (vs. *Boston)

1984--*Boston (vs. Lakers)

1977--Portland (vs. *Philadelphia)

1973--New York (vs. *Lakers)

1972--*Lakers (vs. New York)

1969--Boston (vs. *Lakers)

1966--*Boston (vs. Lakers)

1957--*Boston (vs. St. Louis

1953--*Minneapolis Lakers (vs. New York)

1948--Baltimore (vs. *Philadelphia)

* home team in Game 1


Game 1 of the NBA Finals was decided in overtime seven other times before Wednesday:

1998--at Utah 88, **Chicago 85

1995--**Houston 120, at Orlando 118

1973--at Lakers 115, **New York 112.

1967--at **Philadelphia 141, San Francisco 135

1966--Lakers 133, at **Boston 129

1957--St. Louis 125, at **Boston 123

1952--at **Minneapolis Lakers 83, New York 79

** won NBA Finals

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