Team Won't Gloat Over Victory

Kobe Bryant had a terrible game Wednesday, missing 15 of 22 field-goal attempts, but don't think for a second that the 76ers are taking credit for his poor shooting.

"We have the best on-ball defenders in the league if you look at Aaron McKie, Allen [Iverson], Eric Snow, even though he's limited, and Raja Bell," Coach Larry Brown said. "They can guard anybody one-on-one. But Kobe didn't have one of his better games. We were just trying to make him not shoot layups."

After the game, Snow said he didn't do anything special, but he's glad Bryant had an off night.

"I can't guard that guy," Snow said. "He gives me compliments galore, but he's tough. He missed shots that he'll make the majority of the time, but we just have to try and make him take shots with a hand in his face. But with a player like that, you are basically at their mercy and you have to hope for help."

At the end of regulation, the 76ers blew a chance to win when they ended up forcing a three-point shot by Snow at the buzzer. Bell felt responsible for the poor execution because he passed up a shot when he was open.

"I was a little upset with myself," Bell said. "Allen couldn't get open and nobody else could either. I should have probably attacked."

In overtime, Bell made up for his mistake when he swished in a tough layup with the shot clock almost expired. It was his basket that sparked Philadelphia's final rally.

"I didn't realize at the time how important that shot was," Bell said. "I was just trying to get it up high enough so [Shaquille O'Neal] couldn't get his hand on it."

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