ConAgra Recalls Mislabeled Cans of Healthy Choice Soup

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The maker of Healthy Choice soups said Wednesday that it is recalling 96,000 cans of soup that might have been mislabeled.

ConAgra Grocery Products Co., based in Irvine, said it is recalling large cans--18.75 ounces--labeled “chicken with rice” because some may contain chicken with noodles instead.

“Consumers who are allergic to wheat gluten or eggs risk serious illness or death if they eat this product,” the company said. “Nonallergic consumers do not need to be concerned about or return this product.”


The questionable cans have a code beginning with 08NG, followed by a number from 1 through 8--with P91 on the second line.

The large cans are often sold in warehouse-type stores that sell in bulk, but may be in other markets as well, company spokeswoman Kay Carpenter said.

The company has received a few calls from customers who discovered that their soup cans were mislabeled. There have been no reports of illness, Carpenter said. Some of the cases have been retrieved.

It is unclear how the mistake occurred or how many cans were mislabeled, she said. The company believes that less than 1% of the 96,000 cans, which were produced over a two-day period, were mislabeled, she said.

Consumers are urged to return the product to their grocer for a refund. People with questions can call a 24-hour toll-free number: (800) 414-2500.

The Irvine company is a division of Omaha-based ConAgra Foods Inc., the nation’s second-largest food company.