Animated Films Aren’t All for Kids

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While I enjoyed Richard Natale’s article on this summer’s box office (“Step Forward, Step Back,” Sept. 5), I would like to point out a misstatement that he and other Times writers have repeated over the past several months.

He says, “The real turkeys were two supposedly kid-friendly films.” Any parent of a young child will tell you that animation in a film does not by definition make it “kid-friendly.” Both “Final Fantasy” and “Osmosis Jones” seemed to be geared to teens, not kids. (If teens weren’t the target audience, the marketing departments did a lousy job.) And in the same paragraph and with the same implication, Natale once again mentions the failure of “Monkeybone.” He obviously has not seen “Monkeybone” or he would know that it is definitely not “kid-friendly.” At least not for young kids. After all, the title character is named after the lead character’s ... well, this is a “family paper,” so let’s just say “the lead character’s reaction to seeing a sexy woman.”

So, please, when you’re writing the year-end box office wrap-up story, don’t lump these films into the “kid-friendly” category.



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