Central City East Must Keep the Traffic Flowing

Re “MTA’s Unique Traffic Plan,” Oct. 24: A high-occupancy vehicle lane would have a huge negative impact on the toy, seafood and produce businesses in the eastern part of downtown Los Angeles.

The MTA must not forget about the vibrant downtown industrial and manufacturing community that needs these streets for trucks. This area, Central City East, provides most of the produce and seafood that is eaten throughout Los Angeles County. Our trucks must be able to get into and out of downtown quickly because of the perishable nature of our products. Putting an HOV lane on these streets would be disastrous and in direct conflict with the historical nature of this community.

We also represent the emerging toy district, a wonderful urban wholesale shopping district with hundreds of businesses that has grown tremendously over the last four years. It would be a shame if the HOV lane were to go down either San Pedro or 4th streets and divide this thriving shopping area.

Tracey Lovejoy


Executive Director

Central City East Assn.

Los Angeles