Wild Accusations About the Inn

Re “On the Outs Over the Inn,” Oct. 21:

I am appalled by Anne Lemen’s vehemence and maliciousness in trying to shut down the Village Inn on Balboa Island.

She likens the quaint establishment to a wild brothel, overflowing with noise and miscreants. It seems that nothing could be further from the truth.

Most nights, the music cannot be heard through the closed doors of the inn, and on weekends, a bouncer is at the door. Even this measure seems superfluous, as the crowd at the V.I. is usually a lighthearted one. In fact, I would venture to bet that some of Lemen’s renters have enjoyed the inn and are happy to be in proximity to a restaurant and bar while on vacation.


And the preposterous business of blaming the place for her daughter’s dropping out of school? Maybe if Lemen wasn’t out videotaping people in the bushes, she could be there to parent her daughter and possibly could have been there to help a cause that should be closer to her heart.

Elizabeth Benz

Newport Beach