Bo Knows He’s Not Watching Sports Now

Are you curious about whatever happened to Bo Jackson, the former major leaguer and NFL star? His football career ended with a hip injury in 1991, although he played baseball until 1994.

Jackson, who turns 40 on Nov. 30, has a Chicago company, N’genuity, that deals in food processing and distribution.

He and his physician wife, Linda, and their three children live in a Chicago suburb. They also have a hunting lodge with 700 acres stocked for rabbit and deer hunting.

“I got everything going good for me,” Jackson told the Associated Press.


And as good an athlete as he was, he’s no sports fan.

“I don’t watch no football, no baseball, no basketball,” he said.

Trivia time: Who holds USC’s single-game record for touchdowns on kickoff returns?

Fact of life: Blackie Sherrod in the Dallas Morning News: “Remembered philosophy from the late Abe Lemons: ‘You don’t coach seniors. You just tolerate them.’ ”

More Sherrod: Commenting on Phil Jackson’s opinion that it’s easy to lose focus in baseball because it’s such a boring game: “Rather like a December NBA game, Coach?”

Laboring for a cause: Lloyd Scott, 40, a former English firefighter and a leukemia survivor, finally crossed the finish line in the New York Marathon on Friday, five days after he started. Wearing an antique, 130-pound deep-sea diving suit probably had something to do with it.

Scott told the New York Post, “It’s a good example of what it’s like for cancer and leukemia sufferers because it’s slow and painful -- but, like me, they win out at the end.”

Conforming: Mike Bianchi in the Orlando Sentinel, on the NFL’s effect on Steve Spurrier: “They have taken one of the most refreshing, rollicking college coaches in history and turned him into just another NFL clone, just another NFL drone.”


Future shock: Reader Mark Hopping of San Leandro to the San Francisco Chronicle: “Now Dusty Baker can give those toothpicks a real workout, keeping his eye propped open while he watches another dismal Cub season.”

Please leave: Bob Molinaro of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot: “Don’t know whether Troy Aikman and the Dolphins will hook up, but I’d like to see Joe Theismann make a comeback with the Redskins. It won’t help the team, but it would get him out of the ESPN booth.”

Trivia answer: Anthony Davis, two, against Notre Dame in 1972.

Not trivial: Davis scored six touchdowns against the Irish in that 1972 game at the Coliseum, one in a 1973 loss at South Bend, Ind., then four more -- including the second-half kickoff return -- in the Trojans’ 55-24 victory in 1974.


And finally: New York Knick guard Latrell Sprewell thinks too much was made of his reporting late for games last season.

He told reporters, “You’re really talking 20-something games.”

Said Tom FitzGerald of the San Francisco Chronicle: “So it’s not like he did it a lot.”

-- Mal Florence