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It was billed as a book reading, but the event in support of Richard Metzger's "Disinformation: The Interviews" was more of a video screening for his soon-to-be-released DVD.

The young and dapper L.A. resident has been running a sort of cottage industry for subcultural exploration since 1996, when he founded his Disinformation Web site ( to expose "the kind of stuff that never seems to slip through the cracks of the corporate-owned media."

At that, he has not only succeeded but also excelled, parlaying the success of his site into books and a television show he hosted in England. "The punk-rock '60 Minutes,' " as he calls it, will soon be available on DVD, segments of which he screened before a packed house at the Book Soup Annex in West Hollywood.

Among them were profiles of a Woodland Hills woman who claims she was a "CIA sex slave," and a man who allows his nephew to not only light him on fire, spray-paint his face and perform other "Jackass"-type activities but also film them.

Incredibly well produced and presented in a straightforward manner, the segments come across like mockumentaries, although Metzger says the people are real and the interviews are unscripted. The results are bust-a-gut funny, as the capacity crowd's reaction proved. Hardly a moment passed that someone wasn't laughing at the absurd statements and actions on screen.

-- Susan Carpenter

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