Silly Potter

Nothing fuels satire like a blockbuster book or movie, and in the Harry Potter series, parodists of the world have both in excelsis totalis. Here are a few examples of the fun some twisted minds are having with Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of J.K. Rowling's stable of characters. A Hollywood Reporter-style spoof imagining the worldwide havoc if Rowling let it out that her books were fictional: "This is so wrong," declared a sullen Timothy Coates of Baltimore, Md. "First my mom tells me there's no Santa Claus, now this?! What could be next?" Among several whimsical reports on Pottermania is one quoting director Chris Columbus bemoaning the dearth of colorful anecdotes during

filming of the movies: "The special effects were all delivered on time ... the sets refused to collapse at a key moment, nearly injuring one of the stars, the whole shoot went like clockwork. It was a nightmare." The Web site devoted to Giverius Navarroy and the Chamber of Surprises claims 1.5 million hits since it went up a little more than a year ago. Check out posters for "Star Wands," with Harry and the gang transported to a galaxy far, far away: Harry as Luke Snitchtaker, Hermione as Heia Ormana and Ron as Ron Solo.

-- Randy Lewis

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