They Lost Track of Time During Robbery

Walter Hall was a little shaken after having a gun placed against his right temple during a robbery at a Mexico City restaurant last Friday, but he was in good spirits discussing it Thursday at Valencia Country Club.

Hall and five other Champions Tour players were robbed while eating dinner at RinCon Argentine Steakhouse between rounds of the Bosque Real Championship.

The thieves took expensive watches from Hall, Jim Thorpe, Bob Gilder, Rodger Davis, Butch Sheehan and Bobby Walzel. They did not ask for the players' wallets or any other items. "It happened so fast," Hall said while preparing for the SBC Classic beginning today at Valencia.

"These guys rushed in and one said, 'Give me your watch.' I turned around and was like 'What?' He pulled out a nine-millimeter, cocked the chamber, put it right here [pointing to his temple] and said, 'Give me your watch.' He didn't have to ask a third time."

Hall said tour officials suspect the robbery was an inside job. Two restaurant security guards and three waiters were arrested for the crime, Hall said. Thorpe withdrew from the tournament; Hall placed fifth and Walzel and Gilder finished in the top 20.

"It could have happened anywhere, so I have no problem going back there," Hall said. "But I won't wear my Rolex. I went out and bought a Timex I'll be wearing out."

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