Transcendental Swag

INVITED TO: The launch of Juicy's "Down Dog Couture" at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills, hosted by Lucky magazine.

OHM AND GET IT: "I'm loooaaded up," crows Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon of "NYPD Blue." Not on the hard stuff, mind you--this is, after all, an early afternoon healthy-wealthy soiree--but rather the soft, spongy, fragrant and free stuff, like handmade lavender and patchouli soap, Ugg boots and, of course, Juicy's new "Down Dog" yoga couture. Dispensing all pretense of spontaneous conviviality, the L.A.-based fashion label pares promotion of its new line down to essentials--stars, press and swag--all in the idyllic setting of a Mediterranean manse in Outpost Canyon. Streams of actresses glide in all afternoon. In the back room where the Uggs are dispensed, Brooke Shields kicks off her Pumas and sets into snug boots. "You know how it is, girls and shopping," she explains. Seven months along as a mother-to-be, she says she'll scoop up the freebies "until I'm just too tired."

BE HERE NOW: "Yoga's great for the meditation if life is getting crazy and stressful," observes pop songstress Mandy Moore. "And now you have cute duds to wear when you do it." Even though a hatha session is the much-hyped feature of the event, only Rosanna Arquette undertakes any asanas. What about the foot reflexologist? "Amazing," coos Tiffani Thiessen, throttling down from life on "Fastlane." "Scrubs" babe Sarah Chalke says she came for the herbal teas, adding, "I have a whole tea cupboard at home." Though she sports a baby doll tee that reads "I'm so obsessed with Britney that I can't even handle it she is so hot I feel like I'm going to pass out Where is Britney?" in a font that matches her lipstick, Chalke insists that, being from Canada and all, she means no irony. Neither, apparently, does the tarot card reader with the naughty deck who keeps busy divining the cosmic destinies of the young and pretty. "My reading was about that I'm centered, I listen to my gut instincts, that I have a strong faith, but I need to rest more," says Jessica Biel, who just wrapped the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." But life can be boiled down to a simpler mantra. "Eat, get your stuff, get rubbed down and go," says a contented Christina Applegate. "That's a great day."

Celeb Quotient: ***

With friends like these, who needs a business plan?

Wow Factor: **

Great party favors but, come on, nobody's mingling.

Grazing Level: **

Whole Foods grilled mango slices and edamame salad perform gamely in the face of a no alcohol/saturated fat/animal product handicap.

Rating Scale:

1=ho-hum 4-yowza

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